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Preparatory states in different contexts

Conservation of preparatory neural events in monkey motor cortex regardless of how movement is initiated

Lara AH
Elsayed GF
Zimnik AJ
Cunningham JP
Churchland MM


October 06, 2018

Grossman Center Workshop held in Aspen

This instance of the Grossman Workshop was our smallest and most intimate yet, and held at a spectacular location. Many thanks to a fantastic group of participants, which ensured lively and fruitful discussion. Out thanks also go outĀ to Sandy and Naava Grossman for their personal participation, which extended from the intellectual to the social and included two remarkable dinner parties.

August 22, 2018

Lara et al. 2018b is published

Congrats to Antonio, Gamal, Andrew and John. This work employs the analysis approach of Elsayed et al. 2016, and shows that cortical preparatory activity consistently occurs before movement onset, regardless of the presence of an imposed delay.

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